Idaho Banking Company - The Art of Banking
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The Vision. A Masterpiece in the Making.

The 1990's brought about many changes in the banking industry, including mega-mergers, consolidations, restructuring and downsizing.  Frustrations ran deep with all the automated, impersonal service and endless "1-800" numbers that accompanied these changes.  Individuals and business owners alike felt the impact, finding their own banks increasingly unable to meet their needs.
Then, a small group of local business people/bankers envisioned reintroducing the concept of authentic relationship banking that would specialize in catering to the needs of individuals, businesses and professionals.  Banking where emphasis is returned to personalized customer care provided by local decision-makers.  And it was evident that many others in the community shared the same dream.  Local investors were quick to step up to the plate and support the vision.

Today Picture Perfect

The commitment to serve friends, neighbors, business people and professionals within the communities of this great valley is stronger than ever.  Our experts go out of their way to provide a superior banking experience with each and every transaction, from start to finish.  

Idaho Banking Company: The Art of Banking.



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